HIDee Mz B!

Lessee...Bruce Springstein has "Glory Days" & I got an ol' one titled "When Ken & Barby Split Up"...Board 1 I think...

LIKE Your Title..hasn't been done before..Catchy!

V1 & 2 flow fine, V2's a Dandy!!!

Chorus, ponder "SWIMMING in the real world/with her BMOC"

V3'S "A bouqet of dread she carried" is YodaSpeak...yet fun. DOESN'T seem too-realistic, tho... It's JMO Usually AFTER a few years that The Bloom comes Off The Roses...(Took an Assistant of Mine 13 years & 2 kids to shed her HS Quarterback Hubby who'd drifted-deeply into Druggie-dom.) (Our HS Class "Ken-&-Barbie" Couple took even-longer to loathe each other.)

Wy's "Devotion" line's a great Sug to replace that "lotion"..heh!

GREAT Bridge!

Overall "KUDOS"...& prolly a Very Common Tale in Any Era. So much of "What's Cool in HS" turns "Icy" by College.

Good Luck with a Good'n', Nice Lady!

Big Hugs,