Heya MZ B

Ok to start of with the bomc comb thing is dynamite any way to work it in? Seriously though I love the story telling going on I do agree with Joice top notch writing here.

Ok now onto the other stuff. I don't quite like the story being told call me fickle. I would like to see this wishy washy guy get his, one way or another. I guess I am seeing this from the standpoint of needing to see a strong woman. This gal is not strong by any means.

Lets see her force him to start making some changes ala "Daddy's come around to momma's way of thinkin'" by Paul Overstreet. I don't want resoultution like she just leaves or stays I'd like to see her kick him in the butt and tell him off. Now that would make me wanna stand up and cheer for this gal!

This is all keep or sweep but maybe it will help you through the muddlness. That said feel free to shred any lyrical ideas I have to pieces in kind lol. Take care!

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