Hey Lynn,

How are you on this gloomy wet Saturday (at least in MY neighborhood)??

Anyway, thank you for your comforting words about my rewrite, especially when you pulled out some of my favorite sections as well.

You've got me thinking about the whole groping scene....as I just said to Derek, who had been trying to get me to burn the jacket to kingdom come ( :o ), I'm thinking I might want to put the onus back on the hubby to be the one who sets up "the last straw" scenario which sends her packing.

As for the BMOC acronym...hmmmmm, I see what you're saying, and I'd have to go back to see where and how I had used it, but I'll probably stick with it as I like it for the title too. Whether the fact that it spells COMB backwards will ever be a consideration come Grammy time is another matter entirely( grin cool confused )!!

So thank you for giving me more suggestions for consideration. I think I have a much stronger sense of the song now, and really want to make it work.

As an aside, while this seemingly-endless re-write reminds me how long this process can be for me compared to some others, I have to remember that I just started doing this about five months ago, and I need to cut myself some slack. So thanks to all for your patience!!

Ciao for now,



"Fill what's empty, empty what's full, and scratch where it itches."