Hi Ms Beth!

Always remember that it IS your song and you are the one that needs to be happy with whatever your choose to do! grin yeah..easier said than done, huh? LOL Opinions are like noses...we've all got one! Sometimes our suggestions don't really IMPROVE the lyric, they are just different ways to approach it.

My opinion..therefore..is that I don't like songs that don't resolve. Yep..I've written them also...but they always leave me feeling restless and ill at ease. But then I am a solutions person...so if someone is not happy with their situation, I want them to have the gumption to figure out what to DO so they don't stay stuck there. Otherwise, I have little emphathy for someone on the pitty potty too long. Sometimes choices are not easy..and sometimes they aren't even apparent...so you have to assess your situation and move a bit in one direction or the other to see what happens.

You are an excellent writer with a real talent for communicating. I could relate to this story because, to a certain degree this was the story of my first marriage. As you can tell by that statement that it was not my last...I did finally get the courage to get out and move on. My insight would be that sometimes we create an imaginary reality that we WANT the other person to be...when they are not!! One reason I did not get out when I should have was that I did not want to admit I was wrong about him...that he wasn't the perfect man I WANTED him to be. Dunno if that might send you in a different direction...but you might consider the implications for your story here.

All the best with this. Now I have to get back to packing. YIKES!!!


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