Hey Kaley,

You are not mistaken...in fact, you are quite astute in helping to point out the critical flaw in the re-write. As I said to someone on an earlier post, I'm going to have to change that part, because I want the "last straw" to be caused by the hubby, not by someone else, even if it's his friend, or "hubby-by-default". Yes, the intent had been that he just let it happen, that he was still so caught up with his buddies, he didn't even blink when one of his buddies was getting fresh. While that was close to what I was aiming for, I do think I need to take it to the next level and have the hubby do something unacceptable...

Got caught up in the song challenge last night, so didn't have a chance to work on that piece. Hope to do that today while the kids are at soccer...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wisdom smile !




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