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You're starting to rub off on me Marc, lol...
Perhaps you need a change of pace?
Sincerely now, Everybody knows that you know the industry inside and out, and that's great! But, going on and on about how the business has always been a crap shoot, now there's no money left in it, and it's only going to get worse... "blah blah"... is kinda' boring and depressing. So, here's what I'm thinking... Try a little levity. Start a thread called, "50yrs of MAB's humorous success/fail stories about the music biz!" Start all the way back when you were first learning to play and sing, leaving enough room between short stories for the rest of us to laugh, reminisce, and relate. A real "get to know ya" thread, while we ALL fade into the sunset. What'cha think? smile