Nope. In music, to most songwriters, it's the LACK of making money that is the problem. Money is the nessasary evil in life. Everyone has to eat, has to live, and money is part of that. Are their greedy people, of course, businesses that thrive on other people's labor, sure. There are countries that have tried the "equalization" of everything, Cuba, USSR, China, and that didnt' work out too well. They started adopting capitialist processes and they are some of the richest countries on earth now. And have some of the worst poverty in existence.

I'm just not a "blamer" I don't sit around blaming this or that. I'm a realist and take it as it is. Not a thing I, or you can do about it. But everyone is able to donate whatever they want to the Govt. or charities, or whatever. If money is a problem, give it away.

In music, there are always a few people at the top and most never get there. There are also imaginitve people who break molds and find their own niches' and are able to make the system working for them. But it takes money to make money and people that get in on the ground floor of anything are going to be the ones to set the rules. But has money played a part in it? Absolutely. All part of it. Part of life.