[quote=Tom Shea]"How many songs are written / recorded every week? In the US alone - how many. Thousands ----- It is pretty easy to see that the odds are not very favorable. I enjoy listening to new artists and songs on Amazon Prime Music ---- So many each week and some are pretty good. Few will ever get much attention. "

Hello everyone.
Welcome back Brian. Looks like your EUROPEAN touring has done well. Hope your health is holding up. Great to see you and thanks for getting the site back up and running. I always like referring this site to newer people I come into contact with. Don't know if they will show up, but its always nice to have a place to send them. Please never hesitate to let me know if I can ever do anything to help you.

A lot being talked over here and good to see many familiar faces and names. I usually go back and check things out and only comment on things I have personal knowledge of. Tom had asked about "how many songs are written/recorded every week?" The numbers I have seen are something like "Facebook alone uploads around 100,000 songs and videos an hour." If you add in SPOTIFY, TIK TOK (the new 15 second song model) Instagram, Twitter, etc. and you can see how they come up with rough figures of millions a day. When you add in older songs, endless catelogues, etc and you have about a BILLION songs a month, that find their way onto the World Wide Web.

That's why whenever someone says "What if all songwriters 'went on strike' and not put anything up?" It would never work, because number one there are enough songs artists, videos, etc. out there right now to last hundreds of lifetimes. So we could all stop now, and it wouldn't make a dimes bit of difference. The second is because most people would never do it. "Those other people want to stop? Fine. Less competition for me."
Music or art is a highly individulalized edeavor. People are not going to put their own creative works on hold because someone else tells them to. That is what the Internet provides. Don't like the way things are? Don't participate. No one forces you to.

There is endless music out there. Endless categories. Endless platforms. The cat got out of the bag years ago, and is never going to be put back together. Platforms try to (or say 'they try to") address the situation by claiming they are paying more and more, of course what they are paying is less and less. But the bottom line lays with the end line consumer. Most people simply don't believe in paying for music. Like the days of AM and FM radio, "it is free, and out there? Why pay for anything you can get for free?"
That is the question.

I've read articles and talked to people that say that most people under the age of 25 couldn't care less about music unless it is in the background of some computer or video game they play. These are the same people that don't want to OWN anything. They don't want to own houses, have no interest in actual CAREERS as much as just a temporary job. It's a very temporary world.

Andy Warhol was right, where he said "in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." I think he missed the time frame.
Today everyone is famous for FIFTEEN SECONDS. Isn't it interesting that is the model Tik Tok is setting. 15 second attention span.

I'm just as guilty as anyone. As I sit and write this, I have news going on the television, talk radio in the background, answering emails and setting up for my appointment coming in about an hour, forwarding information to the client and her parents of things to do today, before we get together and work tomorrow. AND in the middle of that, I had to go change out batteries in a smoke detector, after getting a half dozen angry texts from my girlfriend in her office in the other end of the house, screaming about the smoke detector. LOL! I'd say "DISTRACTED SHORT ATTENTION SPANS" is a vast understatement.

Where does it go? Geeze, I have no idea. I just deal with what I can deal with day by day. But I try to encourage people to focus on the things they CAN DO and not get too caught up in what they CAN'T DO. We all have goals and ideas, and I wish we all could find ways to be renumerated for being ourselves.

It's good to see everyone and I hope you are all navigating the world successfully. Stay safe and as always, if anyone needs help I can provide, I'm a PM away. And if you want my comments on anything, like Beatle Juice, say my name three times. I'll show up. LOL!

Have a good day.