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It always takes money to make money. And in music, it takes money to make no money. That's the rule. You're lucky to just not go broke.MAB

Lol... So, do we agree that, historically, money has always been the problem?

These folks would certainly argue the "birth of the entertainment industry" with you lol... In 1913 Henry Ford was mass producing the Model T, and just think, by the 1950's we had the Chevy, Buddy Holly, and Elvis on color TV. By 1964 we had the Beatles, the Ford Mustang, FM stereo radio, and most folks finally had indoor plumbing. All of our Great Grandparents lived through that Marc, it really wasn't so long ago... The whole world has changed drastically in just the last 100yrs, and it's not hard to see that it has all been profit driven by those with the capital to do so.