Hey folks,

John, those numbers are essentially numbers BMI, ASCAP and SESAC have tossed around for a few years. It is not all songs. There are videos, streaming services. and millions upon millions of people every minute or every day posting things to social networking sites. You also have to keep in mind, this includes hundreds of thousands of songs that have been around for years, even decades. Every publishing company have thousands in their catalogs and TIK TOK along loads hundreds of thousands of those 10-15 second videos a minute. So it really doesn't have to be writers writing each day. or even things that would qualify as a "song" in many definitions. No matter what the numbers are, It's mind numbing, no matter how many they are. The point is that the difficulty of getting and keeping people's attention for any amount of time is pretty hard these days. In my experience, we have more people NOW DOING MUSIC than LISTENING TO IT.

Japov, there are tons of reasons that it has gotten into the areas it is, the mindless record companies are just one more instence. In 1998, when I attended an "insiders" conference about something coming called the "INTERWEB" one of the tech guys said "In the future, songwriters will have to forget about royalties, cause those won't be there anymore." That's pretty much exactly what has happened.

It's always supply and demand and for writers, actors, artists, whatever, have to find their niche. That's the present and the future of the craft.