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Hey Marc, I agree with you on streaming music on the Internet. However, TV & film placements are still lucrative. It’s in the interest of the publisher to have production people turn in cue sheets. On the most part, I think they do. Also, except for the cheap reality shows and poor stations like Telemundo, most major stations like CBS, NBC, ABC, or markets like HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. pay upfront licensing. Theater movies always pay upfront because the PROs don’t cover them. That being said, the last couple years have slowed down a bit - but it's far from coming to an end - I hope...

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Considering that I have a friend who has some pretty major tv and film placements with DISNEY, who has also been having problems getting paid, it's not always as lucrative as it once was. All of the legal issues now are just another part of the slow downs. Much has to do with companies buying other companies, multiple changes in accounting, as well as companies simply going out of business, which is what we have seen over the past ten-fifteen years. The overall point is that anyone expecting to make money from music, need to be aware of all the various things going on and keep expectations realistic.

Well Marc, Disney probably isn't a good example. With all their financial problems. The cue sheet flow has slowed down, but still moving from my experience. I haven't experienced any problems getting paid by any company.

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