John, the operative word is REPORTING. Many people that get "placements" in film and television and get no money because frankly the television, podcasts or movies, make no money at all, in fact close quickly, have very low vewership. Many, actually most podcasts have no commericals or income revenue. They don't report. So your publisher can report all they want to and there is nothing to collect. And that is inherantly the over problem. The endline consumer simply pays no money for music at all, or pays for streaming services that are so low as to not register. In order for anyone to COLLECT money, someone has to PAY money.

Even on many streaming services, people are listening to around 8 seconds of songs, and then move on to something else. They don't register at all. This is the moving goalposts that have been happening since the Internet began this. The streaming platforms, make money. But they don't pay that money out. How someone like SPOTIFY have billion dollar initial public offerings, pay nobody anything, and still be broke companies. Try to audit or check them out? They are usually based in countries like Sweden, Russia or most often, China. My personal feelings are that one day all of these companies are going to be the "news story" when they end up completely going under, the money taken to non-extridition countries or it is discovered the claims of endless money never existed in the first place. Much like Enron, Bernie Madoff or the other "sure things" that were "too big to fail."

Most videos, music, etc. get less than a few hundred streams, views or listens. There is simply nothing to collect. And as the world of entertainment, culture, etc. get more and more saturated, less and less controlled, and the endline consumer is able to get whatever they want from a huge variety of sources, the idea of "making money through music" will be an archaic term. Supply and demand. Never fails.