The main reason the business has slowed down has been before the Pandemic, but the pandemic has increased the bottleneck for everything. All productions slowed down or stopped. More and more people, even at the top of the heap, have had their materials slowed down or completely stopped as recording, production promotions, have all slowed or stopped as well. And there will be a HUGE backlog of things to be processed for a while.

In the performance venues, tours, all the side of the live industry, which the recording side is made to promote, have slowed, stopped or in many cases, stopped forever. So I would expect some slow growth or even declines for some time, even possibly years. And as more and more have gone to an online format, the amount of songs, writers, artists, etc. have increased ten, twenty or even thirty times. So the combination of more and more people doing this, more product out there, and less and less venues or avenues for it, have created a huge imbalance in the supply and demand.

What we've seen on the front lines of the industry have now spread to the backlines or supply lines in the industry. Just part of the world as far as what has gone to an online format. Good luck though.