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Hey John, I’ve been targeting sync. placements the last year plus. A couple of songs are on hold, another sync. agent offered an exclusive contract, and several songs are listed with a non-exclusive sync. agent. The “agents” I speak of have had successful placements in the past. They seem realistic about possibilities because of the competition. But parts of the industry, Tik Tok being the most recent, are hiring artificial intelligence software types to have AI ‘write’ the songs (or bits of songs) for their videos. So, in this environment, as far as being able to commercialize music, human music makers have been devalued.

Yes, and I see some companies offering royalty free music. There are also music libraries with hundreds of thousand tracks offering clients complete use of their library for $19.95 a month. Music creators selling out for a few cheap thrills. But, I have to believe that most of the top production companies wouldn't do business with libraries like these.