Probably not. That might be the threat, but doubful they would go to that length. One song is not going to make much of a difference at all. It is usually more of a playlist. It would depend on the square footage of the bar, and what their aggreement would be. Yes, in theory, that might be true, in reality, probably not for one song. But they are threatened quite a bit, and it is quite convincing.

The scenario that John talks about, the smaller markets, has always been true. It's why people who get their songs played on some small market or college station, will never make it to a survey mechanism. Songs have to be played continually, on multiple stations in multiple markets to show up on the surveys. This gets into advertising revenue, and other formulas. It's why all of this is so difficult to keep track of. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of writers and millions upon millions of songs that are floating about out there. Basically, you really have to recieve airplay or viewers in substantial markets to ever make much money.