Hi Marc, good to see you!
I know we have had our arguments in the past, and I'm certainly guilty of provoking you on occasion lol... But seriously, NOT FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUMENT, but shouldn't the current political state of the world be taken into account? You can't ignore that the "consumers" populate the Earth, and that entire population is the target market. Every twenty-something with a guitar wants to be "WORLD WIDE" lol. However, the entire population today is politically "split", and the political pendulum is swinging back to the right FAST! So, could it be... could it POSSIBLY be... that the reason the music business is so slow is because;
1- At least half the population doesn't TRUST the media anymore and that's why they have no time for it.
2- The media only caters to a 6th grade intellect anyway.
3- Half the population is fed-up, sick-n-tired, and will no longer tolerate the current woke, all inclusive, asexual, politically correct media industry standard that has played a major part in screwing everything up to begin with.

Could it be? smile