There's not much debate. If you are personally doing well, that is great. There are very few people that I know at all that are. My personal feelings are of those I was told many years ago that most people should stop looking for financial rewards coming through music. I believe we are going back to the days where there were "patrons of the arts" and pretty much all money in music will be ending before very long. There will always be some people on the top of the heap, but the goalposts will continue to be changed until monetary compensation for music will be completey phased out or so small as to make no discernable money whatsoever. This includes people that are live performers, that do paintings, sculputure, etc. it will all be erased from any value.

I got out of the acutal 'music business" many years ago and got into teaching and instructing. The similar ways that prospectors in the gold and silver rushes of the old west, phased out, and the people who persevered, were the stores, the merchants, the people who sold the picks, shovels and claims, to the subsequent generations coming in. I quit my belief in monetary compensation for music decades ago. So it doesn't matter to me. I simply observe.

When I speak of anything on these or any boards, it is from personal experience that myself of friends of mine have gone through and watching almost all professional writers exit the business completely, and newer generations of "amateurs" take over (Reality shows, the "streaming world", decline of standards, quality, etc.) is simply a natural evolution or de-evolution of what happens when there are no floodgates, no real gatekeepers,etc. just everyone being able to do roughly the same thing. Get enough "views or clicks" develop a following, you'll survive. Don't, you won't. End of story.

I'm in effect, "semi-retired." I work with whom I choose work with, say "NO" a lot, and basically stay involved in my own small corner of the universe. I have beyond no interest in what is happening with any of the traditional or non-traditional forms of musical world. Something I was once interested in, no longer am.
In my opinion, it is "THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES." If you constantly re-invent yourself and react or are in front of what is coming, you'll be fine. If not, you won't,

So you'll find no debate with me. It is what it is. I have no dog in the hunt. I have my experiences, others have theirs. My involvement in all of this is fading quickly. I did come back around because it is always nice to have forums and venues for other people to congregate and pick up various perspectives on information. I wish everyone well. No debate from me, just an older guy watching the sun set.

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