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Well almost all musicians and writers have headed to the online world as they don't really have any choice. So yes, it will be much more competitive going forward.

So we should be even more proud of our accomplishments knowing there's a lot more competition out there. laugh Let the chips fall where they may. I am glad my perfoming days are behind me. When I was in my twenties, this area was booming with bands. Every bar, tavern, resort had bands most days of the week. The venues would sign bands up a year ahead for New Years Eve. Today, very few venues use "live" entertainment. Mount Airy Casino Resort still has entertainment. But they don't use locals.The Dear Head Inn is still popular for jazz performers. Other than that, I wouldn't know where to go to see "live" entertainment. Sad... but it is what it is...

Oh, I'm sure wedding receptions still use bands. Though I don't know where those bands come from.

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