Dear Brian,

Thank you for JPF!

I'm new here, but an old fart at cutting thru and getting to the bottom line.

I first want to volunteer my help in anyway possible to keep JPF going and growing.

I have taken the time to read almost every word of this discussion.

Here's what I see, and represents my opinion...

The potential political aspirations of the group are undefined and perhaps a little
off in target and timing.

When we consider what was said is waning interest in meetings, board participation, showcases, etc.., I don't believe we will be winning over those casuals with a voice in Washington.

It sounds good, but not if the homefires are needing fuel, then focus on the fire, and then follow the money...

People are motivated to help themselves, and the great people, to help others.

Besides money, that is what it is all about. That is why there is inconsistency.

People join JPF because they think they can use it in some way to help others or themselves in their musical aspirations.

We need to focus on tweaking the individual cities that need help. The multiple manager idea is good for that area..

But the political focus should be in getting our most talented members out there. Out where?

I don't profess to know your business at JPF, but I do know business.

Here is what's wrong with the world. We need to have a brain spooge and see into the next five years.

What's going to happen that is most important?

The best independent artists are going to achieve platinum success using the net as their primary voice. Speculation? Is that happening now? Mostly no. But it will.

How? Some net geniuses somewhere are going to say, why don't we work together to televise, promote, and sell everything?
Sounds a little like record company/radio station group/retail collusion doesn't it?

Oh, some will say that's fairly wishful. It aint.

It's going to happen, with the primary source being a force of independent net entrepenuers forged together, pushing their best right at the public. The smart guys are the ones who will be in the middle of it.

Is this hype? No.

I've been a TV Sales Manager for 20 years, and I can tell you that the proliferation of the net, fiber optic data, satellite, is 1000 times more pervasive than television. And as you know, we are not having to wait 20 years to see the massive changes. It is happening now. Ask Comcast..

We used to say that the greatest part of television commercials were that you could take your product right into the endusers living room.

There's so much more interaction and direct commerce potential on the net that it truly is overwhelming to think about it. But we need to.

If we aren't planning to be part of it, then we will have to watch the Bill Gates type guys do it. I hate crying in my soup. I hate crying.

We need to think of lots of ways to rise up to this awesome opportunity while it is still there.

Maybe we're barking up the same tree Brian.
Maybe not. But what we are talking about here is probably why you started JPF, network, help, organize. Great things, only much larger. Can it be done? Yes. Will we be part of it?

Now we need to take steroids and form coalitons with the others who are busy making monies at lower and higher levels,
in order that we may control our part of the new Nashville (so to speak) that is right in front of us, if we could only see it.