I'm sick today, I think the Buffalo Bills gave me the flu, and all I was doin was watching. Anyway, most other organizations that I have had the pressure (pleasure) of belonging to usually had what are referred to as "standing committees". Being that we are loosely organized it would'nt hurt to initiate a couple to see how they work.
For an example: If you have a chapter that is mostly performance oriented standing committees would possibly be;
Event Planning
Get my drift?? Its kind of like having officers, i.e. Lord of the board, Secretary/Scribe, Treasurer etc.
Nothing says that you can't change titles to more aptly apply to your own organization.
It all boils down to organization. Like having an agenda to run a meeting. It helps you make sure that you touch all the bases. Right from the Greeting; to Old Business; to New Business; to assorted Committee Reports; to a debate for the good of the organization and Closing. You have to know where you have been to know where you are going.
Just my two and a half cents.