Hi Brian and everyone-

I'm not sure I am qualified to tell you what to do Brian--- You really tell it like it is. I just offer my view of JPF that you may see something in it---

I come to these boards way more often than my post count reflects. I READ. ALOT. Scott, Whitesides, Brian, Sub, Graham, alot of people have come and gone (redwriter).... I have read alot of what they've said. They are way more advanced than I am in understanding many of the concepts involved at these boards. When I first started a few years ago, i didn't understand SO MUCH of the jargon. I now proudly say I get SOME of it.
Copyrights, recording, vocal techniques, perfomance.... I have learned alot. I actually am going to make my own CD starting in a few weeks, and the questions I asked as I interviewed studios were all learned here. I may know a little about what to expect and what to look for during my sessions from what I've read here, though I may not have posted much. Don't underestimate the value of the knowledge here and the nice people who share it just because of a common love of music AND don't think that it alone isn't enough. It's invaluable to people like me.

I have several posts in the Chicago chapter about how sad it is that hardly anyone uses it. One of the Tampaites said that it fills a need because they don't have alot to go to other than what they do. This is likely how small population chapters are. However, in Chicago, there's a million things to do. It needs to be different here. I do have one suggestion that could work to get more people here involved on the boards, which then they'd be more likely to be involved in other JPF stuff. Let all JPFers post on these boards about their GIGS. So what!!! Let it START with the selfish reason of everyone wanting a place to help generate traffic to their shows. OK? Now, if this gets off the ground and let's say it Wed and I want to see what I want to do this weekend! I go the JPF Chicago and see where all my friends are gigging! At least they're coming to the board. Then they may read something, add something, I dunno. Just put in the newsletter or something that you want everyone to feel free to advertise their gigs on your boards. I know generally here, when anyone posts here for a selfish reason they get ignored, but if ENCOURAGED (just in the chapter areas) it could help. Give them a reason, even if it's free advertising. No skin off of your back, I believe! The skeleton is already here. Maybe people would start checking here instead of the local rag. Let's say you wanted to know what kind of music they played, or if they had new stuff to do (i hate when someone does exactly the same songs you saw last time). You could ask them here, make it interactive. I dunno, does that make any sense? You have to lead a horse to water before they can drink.
It IS brutal to go to a showcase and suffer through a bad performer (especially when your wife isn't that thrilled about coming anyway)Make DIFFERENT showcases with the entry level performers and work up to the pros. The best entry guy can work up to a more middle showcase with a good performance. This gives incentive to try and do well, as well as if the entry level people don't have to play for the pros, just each other, they'll have more fun. They might come to the middle one to gauge their readiness. I hope I'm not rambling here.

Brian, NOTHING matches when you come to town for a showcase. I had SO MUCH fun at every one. People come out of the woodworks. The 43 person one at the blues bar was great. I WAS disappointed you didn't make it here this year (I wanted to show you how improved a performer I am), but I understand how busy you are.

JPF is an invaluable resource to me and I can't wait to get my CD done and see what JPFers think about it.


JPF Chicago Chapter Coordinator