I hav'nt seen sites to where I have seen as much interest in what the members want as here.

The Internet medium still is not that old.

It took years for the rock scene to develop and go through their twists and turns to blossom into what it is (or was, some would say).

With the growing membership, Brian, maybe that should be enough to tell you that you don't need to change anything.

It is just that most of us have never seen each other on here, at least that I'm aware of.
A get together from the net still seems like a new concept, at least to me. And there are some that are not that active musically outside of a hobby or as a start to something, and some don't even gig.

I like the lower key approach here.
It makes people feel a lot more comfortable to post (at least me), because it is more of an actual place for songwriting and being more in it together.

Besides, it is a lot smoother with the computer not having all those banner ads.

Just making a topic asking what members want now and then is good enough for me.
I just hope that if you implement them, it is not tired, savvy marketing ideas like some would have.