I have made it no secret that you are one of my heros/mentors because of your understanding of the past and your vision of the future. You are not afraid to step up to the plate of controversy if you feel it will better a musician's life. Never before in my musical history have I seen so many people turn a blind-musical eye to what is happening in our world...It took Katrina to bring out some take a stand and give support to people with their music. Where are the Pete Seegers/Bob Dylans/Buffy St. Maries/Joan Baezs/Sweet Honey in the Rocks who will , through their music, write and record our true history? Blah Blah Blah...sorry for the wordiness, all I am trying to say is your vision of musicians using their voice, taking on the responsiblility and really giving each other support is phenominal. Bob Geldof is being presented in Rome with the 'Man for Peace' award...awesome!
Chris VonTanner

'Some people are gay...get over it!'