As far as chapter coordinators posting
on the
message boards once a week.
I would do that if I had something to post.
Not all members use this message board. I have posted things here and when trying to get peoples feedback on them , they know nothing about what I am doing, so I resorted to sending emails instead.
and even that is a 50/50 proposition, because they don't always respond to emails either.
People just don't check in here everyday for their news.
I check the boards every day or so for that reason, if I have something to post in the chapter board I do, if someone has posted something that I can pass on I do....
I try to help people if I can, and will peorsonally follow up on a lot of things.
I am not sure how I can make this work any better. or get people to use the boards for their chapter information. If they are only casually interested in the first place.

As far as any kind of blame goes. I don't see it as a blame game. it's just a matter of what people wnat and what they are willing to do.
Some folks are great, devoted and good at working together for a common goal, others are not.