I have known about JPF for 4 years now , and have met a lot of great people who have given me a new determination to pursue my musical future. Even though the Atlanta chapter has been a fizzle, Tammy and Amber have done their best with what they have had in the way of support. In the last year, I have performed at the upstate s.c. music festival, which I found out about in this forum. I also did 2 Colgate Country showdown local auditions as well as auditioning for Nashville Star. I would not have been aware of any of these events if it had not been for this forum!
I have learned a great deal about music through meeting people like you,Brian, along with Al,Doc and Andy from Tampa.You have shown us how it can be if we truly work together towards a goal. I am ready to do what it takes to help push JPF here in my congressional district or any other format you think will work. I will work more closely with Tammy and Amber to work on Atl.
Happy Thanksgiving! James