I was the NYC coordinator for a bit and now am coordinator for Cape Cod and SE Mass.

Admittedly, I've been a bit lax the last few months after a good chapter launch last spring. There's plenty of 'interest' but there's been a lack of other members really stepping up to help and also it's been difficult with my current schedule to keep up the monthly schedule. But count me on board to help with the revamp.

I REALLY like your suggestions for a targeted 4 event year.

In general, those seem like the kinds of events that have worked well for us already and with such a spread out schedule, it would be much easier, from my perspective, to follow through with the commitment.

If there was some way for those of us coordinating in a particular region to network a bit and stagger our events, we could perhaps keep a steady schedule of JPF events going regionally, while only being responsible for coordinating a portion of them.

Also, the 'official' showcases you mentioned.... will they be set up on a Road Trip style schedule? I think it would be cool for those who might choose to follow the showcases around like the Road Trip.

Also, the group participation in the awards process is a VERY good idea. As a past judge of the awards (many many categories!), I can honestly say that it's a great experience. I've been exposed to genres of music I may have never otherwise encountered....genres I now appreciate. I've heard amazing music all across the board but most of all, I feel like I've gained strong exposure to a large body of the best of current independent music and been educated in many ways by the experience. I think other musicians would benefit as well. And heck.... I'm for anything that makes the huge awards process easier on you Brian!

Again count me in for Southeastern MA.


Christine Mascott
formerly just Christine
vocalist/graphic design/web hosting and design