I am not sure what you are referring to. As it stands right now we have no competitions connected to the chapters. So I am not sure what you mean?

Also, this message board is 7 years old. It doesn't have the ability to have "sticky threads" and with 3/4s of a million posts, we don't want to lose the posts we have to switch to a different system. We might upgrade the boards at some point, but the quotes we've had to do it are around $1K (we could save money doing it manually, but we'd risk losing all the posts we have and that's not a great idea).

We would likely add a board for every district (if we matched the US Congressional Districts) and it would be a requirement of each Rep to keep their board updated. That's not as easy as it sounds as we've requested the current Chapter coordinators do that but very few have. If we want to be able to make a serious difference in our community on a political and industry level, we have to become more active and proactive. I've been speaking with some politically savvy folks and they tell me if we could pull this off, we'd be able to make up a lot of ground on big organizations like the RIAA who don't actually represent voters in each district like we do. The have the "fame" factor.. but we have the real live voting constituents factor.

The fact that only a couple people have chimed in also tells me we'll likely have to look beyond the current message board users for most of these folks. Hopefully we'll hear from more people soon.


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