HIDee Bro Sub.

I've listened a half hour, had a LOT of fun with it (Since it's prolly NOT what you'd wanted, Storyline-Wise..AND it's more of a Men-Without-Hats Vocaled Rap Piece, laid-TIGHT On Toppa Your Melody & Refrains.) But..heh.."It's Different"...

INTRO Strings {I'M Never Gonna Let You Go/Never Gonna Let You Go}
Lord Have Mercy, I'm Perplexed/
That Girl of Mine sure LOVES to Text/
{I'm Never Gonna Let Your Go/Never Gonna Let You Go}
When I'm Relaxin' With My Boys/
My Cell Lights UP, What IS This Noise?

My Ears are Ringing/
She Does Her Thinging/
Lord Is SHE Clinging (as)/
She Clings to ME..Me..Me..{Echoed & Faded}

I Need Some Freedom/
Whole Lot Less-Tedium/
I Wish she'd heed Some:/
My Advice Is SO Free..ee..ee {Ed & F'd}

We're Too MUCH-Together/
(She) Wants Me To Bed Her/

But I'm a Free-Bird/
Oh, Say, Can You See, Bird/
Free IS a BIG Word {I'm Never Gonna Let You Go}
When You're Talkin' to Me {I'm Never Gonna Let You Go}

I Used to Crave Her/
NOW She Wants Me 'Enslave Her/
"Drag Her Back to My Cave-Her?"/{I'm Never Gonna Let You Go}
It AIN'T GONNA BE/ {Never Gonna Let You Go}

I'm On-My-OWN-Some/
I NEED Some "Lonesome"/
MY Needs Have GROWN SOME/{I'm Never Gonna Let You Go}
Give Me Some "Solitary" {Never Gonna Let You Go}

(GO..GO..GO..GO...+ Male Background Voices..}


{Never Gonna Let You Go...etc...}

You Just GOTTA BABE...Babe..Babe...(R'd & F'D}

{Never Gonna Let You Go/Repeated/Faded-Out}

Lyrics-supplied (C) 2011 by Stan Good, BMI
All Rights Reserved.