In regards to my " A Better Look At How Pop Music Is Made"
thread on the General Board. I'm posting this here as well.

Here is a track from my past.... It's old but like much of popular music today it is VERY repetitious. And the challenge becomes different in that you need more over very little. Forces you to do certain things in being creative and MOST important CATCHY over the same piece of music. And working in a different style and off of someone else's music.

I'll give you a head start on it by leaving in one line & hook.
"Never wanna let you go"

Then after wards I'll play you what I had. I'll improvise more incentives for you as we go along.... And I'll explain a little about the piece the song and we'll get some perspective.

Track Write #1© 2:00

You need to come up with melodies and or lyrics.... I'll leave it up for a few days.[/b]

Try to record yourself over it and let us hear what you come up with. It's down loadable and The recording is copy written & protected. If you have melodies but not set on lyrics sing ANYTHING and let us know that.
If you have lyrics only same thing.

HAVE fun & good luck....


Peace Mike

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