Hi Mike...I treated this as a challenge so I set myself some obstacles in the spirit that Mike meant when he posted this challenge.

1. Lyrics had to be simplistic hot and sexy cheezy and cliche ridden.

2. I could only work with my laptop....and free programs including recording only with the built in mic.

3. I would only do one take.

4. I allowed 1 hour for the whole process.

So here is the result recorded on Audacity with the inbuilt mic on my laptop. I added some fx to vocals and double tracked Mike's original track so I could add fx in a non destructive way.
I used reverb, flangers, compressors and filters, plus some EQ and bass enhancement on his original track and a bit of plate and reverb on the vocals. The lyrics were scribbled in a couple of minutes and some ad libs were made up as I went. So I apologise in advance for the rough nature of this track.


Never gonna let you go

When you look into my eyes
You got me hypnotised

This night is gonna last forever
You could not prise me offa you with a lever
Gonna give you my love
Gonna take you to the edge
Time is on our side
So what’s your pleasure?

When you do what you do to me
You give me ecstasy That’s my pleasure
Never gonna let you go never gonna give it up
Gonna love you fast and slow
Forever……..and that’s a very long time.

Never gonna let you go never gonna give you up.