O.k.. I'll embarass myself first. Not really my style, but here's my version. I can't really sing, so if anyone wants to work with what I have and rewrite or resing, have at it.


We've got tonight,
To get this right.
I won't let you go.

CHORUS PART (written below)

You've got class and style,
Slide across the floor 'til you're by my side,
You wear that sexy smile,
Send a message with one look from your eyes.
Keep my head spinnin',
Like this cd's been,
There's so many things,
That you do to me.
You're so damn smooth,
With the purse of your lips got me bittin' back my tongue,
Watchin' your body move,
Groove to the rhythm 'til we see the morning sun.

Got my hands on your hip,
As we dip,
I want you to know, baby.
Are you feeling this girl,
You're rockin' my world,
I want you to know, baby.

We've got tonight,
To get this right.

CH PART-(repeat)

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