Yes, and hits are a funny thing for many reasons like hit's and quality music/songs are not always the same.

Having a hit and getting a hit are too completely different things.

A song without exposure is NEVER a hit, so how can it NOT be about exposure? smile

Yeah money means spit to me, I have a ripped flannel shirt on that I could replace with $5 bucks, yet I don't. If I had 20 million dollars I would still be wearing this shirt. I'd still be doing the exact same thing I have always done which is make music with the same approach as day one, total love, hard work and commitment.

Your HEALTH is ALL that matters, and the health of the people you know & love.
The only way to understand that fully is to struggle with it.

A hit for me was alot about PRIDE! I would be proud to touch so many people with my feeling's and my work. I would be proud to accomplish a goal that I set for myself in my lifetime.
I would be thrilled and very proud to take the rewards from it and help those I love and know who need some help.
And the simple look Ma I did it, see it was worth all the time & sacrifice. NOW somebody else in my family line can also may have a chance and think this way... a new tradition.

Peace Mike

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