Health is our greatest wealth. U'd be quite surprised what Ive gone through health wise.

Medicine has failed most people. Were great for emergency and cosmetic surgery. If I got in accident there's not other place id rather be than a hospital er room.

But for chronic illness they dont do much for us.

ie... Blood Pressure pills.

Your pressure goes up, then they sign you up for a lifetime of pills?

If you're a doctor would you rather have a patient come in for a cold or high blood pressure? The cold goes away in a week, that patient dont come back.

Blood Pressure gives you a patient for life, and the pharmacy does well too.

They could cure blood pressure so easily if they really wanted to. 90 percent of the time if you lose weight, exercise and eat right, your pressure will go down by itself.

But it's no wonder everybody is sick. As the commercial says "America runs on Duncan"

We eat donuts and coffee for breakfast, we dont exercise, we processed foods, dont eat veggies and fruit.

Then we come home from work eat a steak, and then go right to bed!

Many illnesses are unavoidable but mostly everything can be helped by a good diet and lifestyle.

I know this, and I still like my junk food!

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