ok, here's a funny one from me, actually a short story, but could be trimmed down for a song..thanks glyn


Weather alerts with tornado warnings
Came on all the radio and tv stations
Rained all day and night with the hail the
Size of golf balls

The skies were green and you could see
The clouds swirling around like bumper cars
Bumping into each other

The winds blew with a howling sound
That made the hair on the back of my neck stand up

Neighbors said, storms a brewing and looks like
The worst we’ve seen in close to 20 years
Bolts of lighting flashing to the ground
And all across the skies
Thunder so loud shook the house and I was
Sure it would break the windows out

Dog’s hiding under the beds and wont come out
Kids huddled together on the floor with their
Blankets over their heads

Too far out in the country
To hear the small town’s tornado sirens
If we had to take cover we had no cellar
So, we’d have to protect ourselves
The best we could

Wasn’t long till the lights went out
We could hardly see from the candles we lit
Which we carried from room to room

Well, the storm blew over in about an hour or so
And we slept through the rest of the night

When day light came, my neighbor, sam and I went to check on my damage that might have been done

A couple of fences were down, which we had to mend
Tree limbs we had to cut to clear the roads
In one of the ponds, was a young calf
With its hind leg’s stuck in the mud

It was getting exhausted from trying to free its self
And its head was just about to go under the water

Sam went to his truck to get a shovel to dig the calf out
He was a tall skinny man with brown curly hair
And wore sunglasses wheather or not the sun was out

Sam was knee deep in the pond bent over behind
The calf digging to free its legs
When the calf got loose enough
He started kicking which started slinging mud
Everywhere and the calf ran on out to the pasture

I looked back at sam he was just standing there
Looking like a huge ugly pond critter
With the mud dripping off his nose hair and glasses
With his arms stretched and the funniest look on his

And you know me I just had to start laughing
And then more I laughed the madder he got
And the madder he got the more I laughed

It was best for me to start running but I fell
Flat on my face
When he got to the bank I was rolling on the ground
Laughing so hard I thought my sides would bust

And to my surprise this skinny ole’ man
Picked me up and threw me as far as he could in the pond

Yep, I was still laughing when I hit the water

written by:glyn 2008