This is fun! This challenge takes me back to a song I wrote in the early 90's, for crying out loud. I'm glad I write better stuff now smile

Changing Seasons

There's a dark cloud rising over my heart
It's all I can do to keep from falling apart
Each day is a new battle to just hold on
I think I need someone like you I can lean on

But lately is seems I've got more hopes that reasons
To stay here through these Changing Seasons

They say money isn't everything it's not all you need
But when you work for a living I think it's hard to believe
How do the rich get richer and the poor stay that way
What are the answers to my questions, I think no one wants to say

But it seems to me that money was just another reason
That brought on these changing seasons

Now that winter's here and the nights are cold
I realize how lucky I am to have someone to hold
But at night, just before I sleep, I forget all the reasons
That brought around the changing of the seasons

That's very old, dang!


Capsized and captivated, someone turn me over, my head needs to be straightened out.