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I had this one in the ole' collection but don't know if it meets your definition of "significant", but hopefully I will atleast get a pass grade for trying. There is mention of the weather in the Chorus and one verse smile

"Sweet September Morning"
(c)2009 Lynn Orloff

It was a cool September morning
Hearts standing face to face
The world just seemed to come alive
I well recall the time and place

And until then I didn't know
That I was incomplete
But when you took me in your arms
September tasted sweet

On that sweet September morning though autumn chilled the air
I never felt so warm inside to see you standing there
On that sweet September morning, we shared our first embrace
It's a memory impossible for my heart to erase

My heart has found it's other half
Yours beats and mine replies
I see a lifetime of Septembers
When I look into your eyes

Repeat Chorus

There will always be twelve months in the year
But only one will I hold forever special dear....for

Repeat Chorus

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