Here is one that I wrote a few months ago - I think it fits the bill.......

[u][color:#993399][size:14pt]Not A Hurricane[/size][/color][/u]

Not A Hurricane Copyright 2008 Colin Ward

It's raining here in Florida
Hasn't done that for a while
The rain is blowing sideways
It's hard to drive each mile


No it's not a hurricane,
It's flooding just the same,
Another hundred miles to go
To see you once again

The wipers play their simple tune,
I can hardly see the road
I'm staring at a yellow line,
A semi lost its load,


I'd like to get you close to me,
At least in the same town,
But other obligations,
Keep us driving round


I'd hire a boat if need be,
To get to you tonight,
But now I'm getting closer,
You're almost within sight,


solo over verse and chorus



I try to critique as if you mean business.....