Well, in Brian's comprehensive missive regarding the May 31 2005 NJ showcase he asked us each to post to the topic and introduce ourselves. So I guess I'll kick it off.

I play keyboards, recorders, and accordion. I am the keyboard player for Evil Dick and the Congregation (<a href="http://www.evildick.com/">www.evildick.com/</a> ), who will be participating in the event. Since we're only going to do one song, I'll probably just play recorder. I also currently play keys for <a href="http://www.jellyrolljamband.com/">Jelly Roll Jam Band</a>, doing blues, Dead, Who, Stones, and stuff like that. Also I play jazz, mostly straight ahead (Real Book stuff).

I live near Bernie's in Chester NJ. Bernie's is a rural-style bar with a large stage and great atmosphere. Next time we have a showcase we should be able to have it there, if that's what everyone wants.

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