hay everybody, so far this is pretty cool. I registered yesterday and got a show today. OK : My name, David Blanche
location: Asbury Park nj,influences? Patti Smith, Neil Young, Mark Bolan, Wilco. Bands?Singer/songwriter/guitarist for Staggerwigg, Label:Weapons of Choice. CD'S: Before We Drown,Staggerwigg, out this summer (will have pre released at Court Tavern show)Career highlights:Toured with the mighty Black Sabbath in Europe as a member of Godspeed (Atlantic),and made it on Beavis and Butthead(well I think it's a highlight!).I never smack my nose on the mike but I usualy bang my tooth on it.right when i get the rock star pose going(that'l teach me).to hear me www.weaponsofchoice.com find Stsggerwigg and click !

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