Lots of room there, space phob! (I just read the blog, and are just kidding).
I went upstairs (flush), and came back down to be able to stand and be with new people I hadn't talked to before, (in between acts). Gregg and I even left fot a slice of pizza, and came back down to snuggle in. Hey, you were among frirnds. They wouldn't have mind a litte closeness! Yes, the place was small, but ya gotta row the boat they give ya! I saw room for more people at the time the most people were down there, (in back of the bar, along side, and to hang from the rafters!

Ya want space? Come to Boston, where it's at the big and nice Regent Theater, and will only be JPF there. It will look and sound empty though. I'd rather have a packed house to play for, no matter the size.

Was great to meet and hear everybody! Ashleigh is so nice. Just one guy kept talking through everybody's performance, especially the soft, slow songs. (What's up with that?) Oh well,,,,we should have asked him to to give up his spot for cloudhands!

Yeah, those twins were really good sounding.

John Daubert

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