Here comes Halloween so what's your favorite 10 horror flicks.
I own over 200 so it's hard for me but here's 10 favorites off the top of my head. And for those few who DON"T know lol here's some good suggestions this Halloween.

1. The Omen 1976 - Between the nanny & the graveyard scene in Italy
with the wild dogs is one thing. The music is a whole nother thing.. Scares the bigeeza's out of me. I once had to sell the soundtrack and get it out of the house, as I could not listen through. (Jerry Goldsmith) music.

2. Psycho 1960 - Masterpiece! I can't even count the amount of times I have heard those shrilling strings used in so many horror movies. Just watched CARRIE tonight and heard them in there as well. The 3 hits.

3. The Exorcist - Even though time has worn this down just a tad it is still the most intense horror movie classic. Parts like the scene's with The priests Mother really get me now. I met Linda Blair and spoke with her on the phone. She has Tripps custom Doll of her. She was very nice and tiny & cute lol..
Again "Tubular Bells" Great MUSIC!

4. Night Of The Living Dead - Even though I enjoy Dawn Of The Dead more, this is the scary one. When My fiends and I saw this as kids for the first time. We had to walk each other home, the poor last one of us smile

5. Dawn Of The Dead 1978 - I just love this movie. Fun! and boy don't we all want that MAll to ourselves, especially that gunshop lol...

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 - One of the most unique films I have ever seen, Even the remake is good. When i first saw this I thought they were actually filming the real people like a documentary. What a sick flick great!
Feels so real..

7. The Shining 1980 - Stephen King, well he could fill this list all by himself. Carrie,Pet Cemetary,Christine,Children Of The Corn,Cujo and on & on & on
Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duvall shine in this intense ghost story directed by the lat great Stanley Krubick.

8. Halloween - One of the greatest low budget flicks ever.
Again the music!!!

9. Alien 1979 - Okay it's a sci fi but many include it with horror's. I don't but it's just too good not to be on this list smile

10. The Fog - John Carpenter again...

Some other great ones,fun ones and favorites of mine...

The Stepfather - 1987
Race With The Devil
Frankenstein - 1931
Amityville Horror
Return Of The Living Dead (fun)
Shaun Of The Dead (fun)
Saw 2004
Scream 1996
Omen II
28 Days Later
The Thing
My Bloody Valentine
The Grudge
Nightmare On Elm Street 1
Hell Raiser
The Hills Have Eyes
Day Of The Dead
Fiday The 13th
Halloween H20
Wrong Turn

Have a Happy Halloween...

Peace Mike

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