Hey Everyone.
I've been very busy doing my own thing over the past year and I think I'm making some headway into the bar scene in the Morristown area as it pertains to acceptance of original acts.

I've got a monthly gig at Hennessy's and when they reopen after renovations I think I'll be in a position to start a night of original music there. It's a very fun place to play.

I have also opened a music school/recording studio on the Morristown/Cedar Knolls border in which I'll be happy to host some songwriter roundtables or whatever else anyone might have in mind. Go to www.originalmusicschool.com to find out about the location...etc.

For you singer songwriters out there, perhaps I can help you find musicians willing to back you as well.

I've been making headway in other venues, with other NJ bands willing to do more than open mics and it is growing. My major fear with our local members is that many of them are completely happy doing nothing but open mics. I think as a result, club/bar owners are always thinking 'open mic' when presented with the idea of original music.

Let's get out there and share sets with just one or two bands and make it a night of real shows!

Keep jammin' and get in touch with me!
Talk to you soon.
PS. Brian, I hope you are feeling better and congrats on the marriage. I wish you the best of luck.