I know getting the ear of a good artist, record label and publisher needs a good demo with a good vocal. I do demo quality vocals for songwriters/producers over the internet.

I can sing Country, Pop, R&B, Christian, Gospel, Dance/Techno, Classical, etc.

Here is a page with some samples of my voice and more details on how it works:

Most vocalist/Session Singers belong to a union called AFM where they are guaranteed a high wage in the hundreds of dollars. However, I'm doing this to support the songwriters and producers that aren't rich and want to have some cash left when they have the finished product. That is why I only charge $50/song.

If you need a backing track created for your melody or a melody for your lyrics that can also be arranged. I am working with a producer that is offering his services for unbeatable prices!
For more details check out the soundclick page provided above.

If you are interested let me know.