Let's see if anyone makes it down here... Lol

Sorry if I'm being redundant, but I thought this deserved its own thread... The more research I do, the more I absolutely hate technology!

I'd like to talk about computers and interfaces, and which programs work best with which Operating Systems.

1- Why interface? What's the point if your computer has a sound card?
The best DAW I've found is LogicX, but Apple's new computers don't have a "line in" any more... Isn't an interface just an external sound card with gain controls and input options? My mixer does that and my old sound card works just fine. So, aren't interfaces just a "gimmick" to sell more hardware? Separate stereo line-in and mic inputs used to be standard on any computer.

2- LogicX comes with absolutely everything you need, including a very easy to use drum program for only $200; If you can afford the computer lol. So, are there any comparable Windows based programs that won't keep "nickel-n-dime'ing" me for annual account and upgrade fees? I don't want to be purchasing "add-ons" on line every time I want to record something.

On a side note... Suggestions for a good "budget" keyboard, "pre-loaded" with well sampled "full range" instruments like Sax, Cellos, VOX Oooohs-n-Aaaahs, Real Pipe Organs, etc. would be helpful.

Links for everyone to follow would also be very helpful smile