Go Big For Hunger
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Go Big For Hunger was founded in spring 2016 by life-long Mainer and live music madman, Greg Martens.

The Super Jam of the year comes to Portland House of Music and Events on Thursday, March 2nd! Go Big For Hunger is going bigger than ever with this insane lineup!
Steve Kimock, Oteil Burbridge, Cyril Neville, Tom Constanten, Rob Derhak, Wally Ingram, Tom Faunce, Darby Sabin & Friends, Frank Bang, CC & Friends and ALL of these Special Guests:
Jenna Mammina, CharlesWigoIV, John Hanrahan, Jeff Glidden, Matt Day, Brian Graham, James Taylor, ChrisDow, Compton Maddux, Sam Whitman, Chris Cokinis, Chip Sullivan, Treelock, Dan Kelly, Rodney Sturdee, Marcus Kaplan, Marc Chillemi, Jeff Brian Merrow, Tim Tyler, David Graham, & Michael Taylor!
All proceeds go directly to support those in need!

Learn more: www.portlandhouseofmusic.com

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