I am currently using Garage Band to record my songs. Because it came standard with my Mac it has provided an affordable alternative to some of the rather pricy options out there. I've reached the point where I would really like to increase the production quality of my songs. I'm wondering if I am maximizing Garage Bands potential or if it's time to start looking into other options. Although I'd love to purchase Pro Tools, I'm not sure if I'm ready to bit the bullet on the $700 it costs. Are there any other more affordable options that would be a significant upgrade?

Also, if anyone is using Garage band and getting better results than I am I would love to get some suggestions. I am currently using a Mackie Satiate interface and some decent quality mics so I'm guessing it is my lack of recording skill or just a limitation of Garage Band. Here Is a link to the most current song I have recorded. I'm sure it wont take long to hear why I need help! LOL!