Thanks Jim,

Yeah, my songs are pretty basic and don't require a whole lot but I did not consider the $199 a significant investment even if it only provides a few extra twists. The basics have already come together rather quickly. And again you are right when you say I should focus on making good clean tracks first. You can't really put a polish on a bad recording. I'm finding as far as learning the ins and outs of the other features offered it's easier to open up some of my existing songs in Logic and experiment. One advantage of already having songs recorded in garage band is they open up seamlessly in Logic. An added bonus is there is a good assortment of instruments to choose from. Many of these sounds a lot more realistic than what Garage Band offers. The piano and string options in particular sound rather nice. the flex time feature is kind of a cool and there are many other useful editing features. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied it was worth the relatively small investment.