Sue is correct many problems can be solved or eliminated by setting up the mic properly. The two most important points are mic placement and levels. This involves trial and error over a few test recordings to find the optimum distance and best angle of the mic and pop shield and of course setting the correct gains. Once you have got ALL that down it will improve things and provide a standard or benchmark for future sessions. Remember every voice, mic, pop shield and room is different each time and can also change during a session so it is worth spending a little time tweaking and getting things right before doing an actual take. My tip is to record at a slightly lower level than 0db. say between -3 and -6 this will allow headroom for fx to be added post record and avoid the dreaded clipping. Here is a tutorial and some vids worth watching. My fav is No.11 it is funny but shows just how stupid some folk can be about mic technique and placement. The girl was born to be a pop star and it shows. I have met plenty like her.