Hello Jacksonville,

This is my second installment of weekly posts to the JPFolks board. There's a lot going on in Jacksonville and we are still looking for artist who want to get together and build and a great music community here. If you know of anyone, direct them to this site.

You will see posts from me on or around every Wednesday. I will discuss up coming events and recap some events.

Starting Thursday (April 7, 2005 through Sunday April, 10, 2005), we have the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. This is always a great event. There are usually some good local artists that perform. For more information see http://www.coj.net/Departments/Neighborhoods/Special+Events/Jazz+Festival/Default.htm

Finally, I'm currently searching cdbaby.com for artist that live in the Jacksonville area to see if they would possibly be interested in joining us here at JPFolks. There is a JPFolks road trip scheduled for Tue, Sep 20th. So let's make it a good one.