Nuemann KM184 (pair)

Rode NT1-A (pair)

Sennheiser 421

Shure SM98

Shure SM57 (pair)

Audio Technica 4033SE

AKG D112

Panasonic PZM (pair)

Shure SM58

AKG D608


Allen & Heath GL2200 24 (32 inputs)


Digidesign Digi002

32 channels Protools

Power Mac G4 Dual 800

Alesis ADAT XT

Sony DTC-700 DAT



(Four channels)

Joemeek VC6Q British Channel

(Two channels)

Symetrix SX 202

(Two channels)

Marshall JMP-1 Guitar Preamp


TC Electronic G-Major

Lexicon LXP-1 Reverb

FMR Audio RNC Compressor

(Four channels)

Line 6 Echo Pro

Alesis Quadraverb GT

ART Multiverb Alpha

Boss RDD-20 Modulation Delay

(Two Channels)


JBL 4208

Yamaha MSP5

The rate for recording time is 35$ per hour for sessions lasting three or more hours. We don't charge for setup and take down time, which is usually about an hour on either side of the session. We start charging when we go to work, which is when we begin placing mics and getting tones. It usually takes two to three hours before it is time to start recording. We take the time to get all of the tones right (room sound, heads tuned, hat and kick pedals oiled, amps eq'd, guitar and bass pedals tweeked, etc.) before it all gets recorded.

We believe that you should commit as you go and not rely on the computer to make things better. Don't get us wrong, the computer is a great tool for music. We just don't like to do a lot of computer "fixing". It rarely is an improvement over the original sound.

The more you prepare for your session, the lower your bill will be. It's always a good idea to record your songs on your own once or twice. Even if all you have is a handheld cassette, hearing yourself back almost always makes you change things a bit. Then you can come into the studio and bang it out. So record your shows or rehearsals, you'll be glad you did.

Call Andy James (410)971-2229 for more info

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